What we do

We make your ideas into a reality.  Our In-House, licensed technicians in the various trades have over 100 years of collective industry experience.  Hemenway Construction has the unique ability to provide all construction trade services within one management structure.  This system streamlines processes and reduces typical time lost and wasted resources by eliminating overlapping site and administration fees, overhead, soft costs, and the like.  Our managers have the extremely effective ability to communicate freely and authoritatively with each and every skilled professional technician involved in a given project.  We provide immediate response to service needs and fast turnaround for project completion.

We encourage all of our clients to explore the wonderful benefits of sustainable and renewable construction and systems techniques which are now well established as viable. With alternative energy and water solutions on the one side, LEED and energy efficiency on the other, there are a wide variety of techniques to implement. Our cutting edge professionals will guide you through the technicalities to find a responsible system for our client’s needs.

Hemenway Construction offers construction services in Massachusetts. With a full staff of professional in-house licensed technicians, Hemenway has over 100 years of collective experience in the trades.

Turnkey solution for all Commercial construction service needs. Construction, remodel, renovation, rehabilitation, equipment replacement, service, preventative maintenance systems and programs under one roof.

24/7 service and support. Fully integrated management and integration across all of the trades. Friendly and honest customer service and customer support.


New construction of commercial properties in Massachusetts. Specializing in Office, Lab, and Condo uses, we are the General Contracting Company for you to choose. With a growing market in Massachusetts, many clients are looking to build new, state of the art facilities to meet their needs. Hemenway Construction has the right in house crew combined with a wide network of the right specialty sub-contractors to meet the most specific needs of our prospective clients. Services specific to new construction include: Pre-Construction, design, breaking ground, utilities coordination, layout, grading, foundation and structural work. New Construction offers the advantage of utilizing state of the art technologies in structural, energy, and insulation within the design of the building system itself.


As a result of the new construction market in Massachusetts, many clients are moving from existing buildings into newly constructed and specialized buildings. This leaves behind outdated, empty buildings which can be acquired for great prices and Remodeled to suit the needs of a new tenant. Hemenway Construction specializes in fitting out existing buildings, re-working the systems in place, to meet the needs of clients whether it is office, lab, assembly, or condo conversions. Our in house technicians are very familiar with building systems in place in Massachusetts. Often times, experience in the field saves time and money by “thinking outside the box” and creating solutions to transform existing building systems into new, efficient, and economical uses to meet client’s needs.